AESOP Features :

AESOP is an application with features that have been designed to meet the needs of a staffing team in all areas from initial employee information recording, event planning through real-time event management to payroll processing. It's exposure to many different operations and processing styles over the years has ensured that AESOP offers a wide variety of options to cater for the needs of all staffing teams. As the system is wholly owned and developed by BCS it can be adapted, if required, to cater for any new facilities requested by customers, existing and new. We welcome customer feedback and are always adapting AESOP further to link to new technology and extend it's already extensive library of options.

Among it's many features AESOP offers the following :

Employee Details :

The detailed staff database provides the core of the AESOP system and allows recording of not only personal details and employment history but also training courses and disciplinary history.

Working Evidence :

It is essential requirement for staffing teams to ensure that employees have the right to work in the UK and AESOP offers the ability to store these details against an employee record. More importantly AESOP will prevent allocation of jobs to employees whose documents have not been provided or have expired and will also provide warnings when documents are due to expire. Penalties for employing workers who are not entitled to work in the UK are severe and avoiding these situations is therefore a key task of any staffing team.

Training Courses :

AESOP provides the ability to store training courses attended by employees with the option to assign key courses to job roles to ensure that employees allocated have the required training. Additionally AESOP provides the option to record SIA licence details for stewards which is an essential requirement when carrying out these roles.

Event Management :

AESOP event management is based on around planners for single or multi-day events with no limit on the number of events that can be set up. Options are available for template events to be created with the ability for any previous event to be used as the basis for a new event. AESOP is a multi-site system and can cater for multiple events at the same venue in the same week across as many locations as required. Each event is managed independently with its own staffing levels, working areas, rates of pay, start and finish times etc.

Each AESOP event can be broken down into individual areas to suit the size and complexity of the staffing requirements with the option to group areas in zone for ease of maintenance and to provide additional analysis options.

The event planning options within AESOP allow any staffing team to have the functionality required to manage small or large scale events with ease and ensure that each event runs as smoothly as possible.

The ability to monitor confirmed job levels easily and generate offers to employees automatically allows the maximising of your own staff and therefore minimising the costly expense of agency staff.

Communication :

One of the key elements in managing an event successfully is to maintain communication with employees. Keeping on top of this can be an arduous task but AESOP provides the option of automatic SMS text message processing to generate and send out tailored messages to employees to keep them informed. The key element in the text message options provided is the ability to generate and send out job offers automatically with unique references that allow employee replies to be picked up and automatically update job statuses on planners to confirmed. Standard text emplates can be created that have insert tags to pull information from event and employee details to minimise maintenance with selection options available to determine which employees receive which communications. Widely used in many sites around the UK this 2-way text service provides a valuable option which saves a huge amount of time as event offers are generated instantaneously and replies are handled automatically without any user intervention.

Real-time Event Processing :

During an event monitoring staff and capturing real-time information is a key element to running a smooth event. AESOP allows staff levels to be reviewed real-time and provides functionality to capture employee uniform collect/return and sign in out times from barcodes, magnetic stripes, RFID cards and biometrics. Options are also available to link to third-party time capture systems such as Micros tills and these can be adapted to meet the feeds from other systems by the simple extension to the update processes.

Uniform Monitoring :

AESOP provides the ability to assign uniform types to different job roles and monitor the required quantities prior to an event to ensure sufficient items are available. Uniform losses during large scale events can be considerable and so AESOP also allows the option to record the issuing and return of items to ensure losses are minimised.

Analysis and Reporting :

A wealth of reports and analysis options are available within AESOP to allow monitoring of staff levels before, during and after an event with forecasting and actual analysis available to provide key financial reports. Additional details such as other costs and expenses can be stored against events and broken down into zone and area elements if required to provide a full cost/profit breakdown for any event.

With AESOP capturing and storing a wealth of details against employees, sites and before, during and after events the reports and analysis available can be expanded easily to provide the requirements for any staffing team.

Payroll Processing :

AESOP allows the capture of real-time sign in/out times which are automatically used to calculate payroll amounts for employees. Break time deductions and cut-off and rounding of times are automatically catered for to ensure that the generation of payment details is as straightforward as possible. Generating payments from AESOP is a simple task and many different formats are catered for which can be further modified to fit the needs of any payroll system. Maintaining accurate information on AESOP allows payment files to be uploaded into the chosen payroll system that contain as much detail as required and avoid the need for costly and time consuming double entry of information. In addition pay queries are minimised as calculations are automatic and based on real times collected during each event.

In addition to interfacing to a number of payroll systems BCS offer a bureau service which is managed through files generated from AESOP to provide a cost effective option, if required.

In summary AESOP covers every angle when it comes to managing events no matter what size and has features to simplify the tasks of staffing teams by providing the tools to meet their needs at all stages of their operation.