Experts in staffing management solutions

What is Aesop?

A multi-user, multi-site, fully scalable staffing solution, designed to manage a workforce of any size.

Aesop is continually being being adapted and refined to meet the staffing needs of the largest venues.

Aesop and its bespoke forks are responsible for managing over 50,000 employees

Developed in collaboration with the UK's leading service providers.

Deployed across numerous sectors, including:

  • Hospitality
  • Stewarding
  • Healthcare
  • Cleaning services
  • Outdoor catering

Why do I need Aesop?

Aesop facilitates every aspect of the event management, from initial planning, through agency costing and payroll.

Gather and maintain UK Right-to-work evidence, to eliminate the risk of illegal worker penalties imposed by the Government.

Numerous integrated time and attendance solutions for fixed and remote events.

Aesop manages staffing at events of any size - from small meets to multi-day events with staffing levels in excess of 3,000 per day

Automated payroll cost calculations replace time-consuming manual processes.

Forecast management of staffing costs.

Automated agency self-billing

Aesop's Features

Integrated database of employee details including training, credentials, work & disciplinary history.

Fully-featured, flexible, easy-to-use event management with unlimited templates.

Integration with time-capture devices, including both tethered and batch barcode, RFID and biometric readers.

Payroll calculated from captured times, with optional automatic break deductions.

How do I get it?

Aesop can be deployed as a fully in-house solution or hosted as a SAAS solution

Up and running just days after first enquiry.

BCS have a reputation for quick turnaround - whether talking about installation, configuration or modification to meet each customer's needs

Quick setup tools for importing existing staff details and creating template events. These allow BCS to rapidly build a system that's ready to go.

Who are BCS?

Beauchamp Computer Services have been providing workforce management systems for over 20 years, to many of the UK's leading venues.

Our software manages over £100 million annual spend in staffing costs across more than 20,000 shifts per week.

It's a fact that BCS' staffing solutions have a footprint in the UK unrivalled by any other provider

We provide flexible solutions that can be tailored and adapted to meet each customer's precise needs.

In house, UK based development and support.